Don’t Speculate; Start Training Today

In your various business dealings, have you ever felt as if you are just drunkenly speculating on where you should invest your time, money, and resources? If you have, you’re not alone.

Thousands of small businesses across the country are unsure what their next move should be as a business. Should they expand their operation with credit? Should they save money for a cash-based expansion? Or, should they hunker down and keep a well-funded emergency fund?

All of these questions can be answered with a well-trained and well-functioning work force.

How Can Training Help My Business?

A quick question for those not involved in business, what do you think the single largest cost is for a business year to year? Supplies? Building? Health care?

On average, the single biggest cost to business is labor, i.e., the cost of hiring employees. Since labor is your biggest cost, this also means it is biggest area looking for modern efficiencies and new systems to be put in place.

By training employees, you can easily save 10-20 percent on improved efficiencies.

Intrapersonal Improvement

One of the primary functions of employees is to deal with human interactions. To the extent that companies can automate, they will. But, to some degree, companies still need humans to interact with other humans.

These human-to-human interactions are where companies stand to lose the most because it allows for inefficiencies and mistakes. This is where corporate train the trainer programs come in handy.

A train the trainer program trains employees on the best ways to communicate internal memos, run company meetings, handle internal conflicts, and move forward as a company team. If each individual employee knows the best way to communicate with every other employee, the company can rest assured that human error will be minimized.

Interpersonal Improvement

As mentioned in the above section, employees are generally found to be most helpful for human-to-human interaction. This concept applies inside of a company and outside of a company.

In other words, getting your employees train the trainer certified will improve your office-wide communications and it will also improve your employee-customer relations because employees will now know how to deal with customer issues in a more timely manner, how to escalate concerns to the appropriate levels within the company, and this will lead to a better functioning office and a better satisfied customer.

What Are You Waiting For?

Knowing that your employees are your biggest cost, what are you waiting for? The faster you get started on your own train the trainer program, the faster you will be able to save your company money and use that money to grow and expand.

If you are still skeptical, look up a train the trainers certification in your area and ask him or her in more detail how a program like this could benefit your company. A qualified trainer will be more than happy to sit down with you and sketch out an idea for how a well-executed program can lead to growth for you and your company.